Home alone during Navratras

My daughter is away to college, my son was away for the Pilani festival and the husband was out on a business trip. One that involved attending a Donna Summers concert in Las Vegas!!

It was an ideal time to sms my old school, college and work friends and plan a ladies night out. An evening devoted to giggling at old jokes, finding new persons to bitch about. And over analysing ancient and shared events.

Alas alack, the dilli ki girls are celebrating navratras.
They are giving up the pleasures of a fun night out to please stone gods installed in temples made of bricks and mortar.

"My Treat, new Italian food joint, lets try the Thai curry at..." Everything drew an after Navratras response. But in return what I did get were invitations to all the card parties they were planning. In a last desperate bid to avoid another night in front of the TV or the Computer I suggested a "let's go for Coffee, to the Taj, My Treat... anything, something has got to work!

And that's when the cat came out of the bag. "Nooooo then i'll be tempted with one of those pastries and I want to lose just another inch so that my new offshoulder fits better!!

Aha! it wasn't those stone gods, it wasn't that all of a sudden i had turned into a social pariah.

The navratras are perfectly timed to get women back into shape before they start gorging themselves silly on Diwali mithai and the kebabs and tikkas served at the card parties to come.