Delhi Traffic

This morning I opened the paper to read that our killer bluelines have claimed their 97th victim this year. And while driving to work, as I turned the corner from my house a speeding car, driving on the wrong side of the road rammed into my much scraped and battered car.

On a normal day I would have cursed my luck, then proceeded to argue and insist that the other driver pay for the damage. Today my mood was different. The activist in me screamed - do something, anything, don't let him get off the hook.

And as the other driver started his little speech my resolve to do the right thing grew."Madam, in the last 20 years I have hit several cars. These things happen on Delhi Roads. I am sure you too must have hit people while driving." Is this guy for real? does he hear what he is saying?

"Madam, I did not hit your car intentionally. It just happened. I am sure it has happened with you too. Its happened with my wife so often." Are these police walas hearing what he is saying. Is anyone recording these statements?

The PCR van arrived and the policeman heard me out and said, "Madam why don't you adjust with the gentleman. You have a choice to either reach a compromise, or then spend the next few years waiting for the judge's verdict!" I suggested that the least he could do is challan the gentleman for driving on the wrong side of the road. "Madam we cannot do that. Only traffic policeman can do that." I called 100 and told them it was a traffic problem. Why are they here if they cant do anything about a traffic violation!!!

The traffic policeman who had witnessed the entire sequence of events was then called. He said, "I can't do anything, I didn't see anything. My duty is to to clear the road of traffic when the Lt Governor drives past." I wish I was a VIP too, I'd have reached office by now.

The policeman from the Vasant Vihar Police station arrived and pulled out a clean white sheet of paper and started noting down the numbers of the cars, and our names. Then he looked at me and said. "OK madam, bring your car to the police station, I will impound both cars and then you can call insurance. Once the formalities are completed you can get a court order to have your car released." Hello! What did I do? I was driving according to all the road rules. Why would I need any sort of impoundment and court orders!!!

So then i did what I should have done in the first place. I got into my car and drove off.